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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 21, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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yesterday, and it raised about $40,000. the goal is $50 million from donors across the country. arizona's southern boarder is about 370 miles long. much of it has no fencing or the wrong fencing that can't keep out vehicles or people. yes, i know. it is a hard pill to swallow, but those are your tax dollars at work. that will do it for me. cnn "newsroom" continues with don lemon in for brooke baldwin. >> good to see you. long time no see. >> i've been okay. >> have a great afternoon. hi, everyone. i'm don lemon. brooke is off today and a busy day in the news for you. some of the stories we're working on for you right now. the heat is on. i'm sure a lot of you know about it, and if you're not feeling it now chances are you will be very soon. nearly half the country right now under an extreme heat warning, and the triple digits are a triple threat. roads, power grids, people all in the danger zone, but first we're going to get you to washington because here's where we are on the scrambling taking place in our nation's capital to
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keep the government from defaulting. early this afternoon bulletins went out via the "new york times" and the "wall street journal" that president obama and house speaker john boehner were close to an agreement on debt reduction on a deal there, but the white house is shooting those stories down. listen up. >> the breaking news report that you all probably received is incorrect. there is no deal. we are not close to a deal. the fact is that there is no progress to report, but we continue to work on getting the most significant deficit reduction package possible. >> you can see that is a flat-out denial from the white house, but keep in mind we had two major news operations reporting pretty much the same thing this a deal was in reach. let's go to kate balduan joining us live from capitol hill. kate, what are your sources saying up there about this? >> reporter: a couple of things on this. you heard there from the president's spokesman jay carney. we've, of course, been asking about this. you're hearing from house
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speaker john boehner's spokesman saying pretty much the same thing, no progress to report. they are keeping the lines of communication open, but i will tell you it is significant reporting today that the president and speaker boehner, they appear to still be working to try to reach a bigger deal. as we've been talking about the stalemate for so long now, and we're learning this afternoon from some great reporting by my colleague ted barrett up here on capitol hill that while we should caution that we're hearing they are not necessarily close to an idea, we're getting an idea of some of the numbers and some of the ideas that are being tossed around is probably too light, but that are being exchanged in terms of maybe working out some sort of a deal. some of them i'll tick off for you real quick, don. talking in the area, according to congressional sources, $3 trillion in deficit reduction over the time period of ten years. that seems to be an idea they are talking about, tax spending cuts in the area of some $1 trillion. entitlement reform that could include something calling for a raise in the age of eligibility
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for medicare and also on the issue of new revenue, on tax revenue. there's some discussion about permanently extending the bush era tax cuts for people making under $250,000 a year but allowing the tax cut for people making over $250,000 a year to expire at the end of 2012. this coming with a commitment to real tax reform, kind of in the future. now, again -- yes, don. >> i have a question about that. a leading conservative appeared to give ground on taxes which is a thing preventing the house republicans from signing on to the debt reduction keel that has a chance -- it that really has a chance of being signed into law and when you are talking about the tax cuts, the bush era tax cuts, here's what conservative grover norquist was talking about, talking about allowing the expiration of the bush tax cuts. he heads a conservative group called americans for tax reform, and he is really a king-maker of sorts among republicans. here's what he had to say about the bush tax cuts.
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he said not continuing. a tax cut is not technically a tax increase. okay. you know democrats jumped all over that idea. i want you to listen and then we'll talk to kate. >> let all the bush tax cuts expire. that's $4 trillion. it's not too complicated. it would take us back to those bad old clinton years when reach people paid taxes and the job creators, they call them. you can't make the job creators pay taxes. it will ruin the economy. that's what they said when clinton raised taxes back in the '90s. we ended up with 3.8% unemployment and we actually balanced the budget and paid down debt. >> all right. kate. that is a democrat speaking. was there any reaction to what norquist said from house republicans, and are the bush tax cuts moving to center stage in this debate? >> it seems a little unclear. we should also tell our viewers where exactly grover norquist is
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standing on this because it appears in a statement he's possibly trying to walk that back or clarify it a little, a little unclear at this point, but i asked the house speaker john boehner about that in his weekly briefing today as well as another reporters about it and he said pretty clearly that he thinks -- that that would equate to a tax increase, and he would not vote for a tax increase, but i want to caution real quick on what we were talking about a little earlier, don, on that point about some of the new ideas that are being tossed around. we want to make sure, obviously some of our viewers might be thinking what does this mean, but we have to caution that all of these ideas that we're talking about, this speaks exactly to this issue of the bush era tax cuts. any of the components of this deal, of this kind of conversation that we're now talking about, could torpedo a grand deal because these are issues and ideas that have been tossed out there before, but it's what kind of combination of these proposals, of these ideas will allow them to thread the needle enough to get a compromise and to get it through both houses. that remains a big question this afternoon, and -- and it doesn't seem like we've got a clear answer on really where that goes
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yet. >> all right. let's get out of the beltway for a second here, kate, because we've got a poll today showing 62% of americans now favor raising the debt ceiling one way or another, either with or without debt reduction. got a block of senate republicans accepting higher revenues, ie taxes, as part of tax reduction. are these holdout house republicans becoming more isolated, and are they begin to feel the heat to compromise here? >> reporter: it's hard to say. we've talked to some very conservative republicans about that, and they stand very firmly in their belief that they do not think this a tax increase should be part of any debt deal because they don't think that it's good for the economy, and they say many of them were elected in 2010 really basically on this point, that they need to get the country's fiscal house in order and not continue spending, spending, spending, that they should be reducing the size of government. but speaker boehner again was
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asked really about that earlier today, and he said that he believes that people who are holding out, if you will, saying don't raise the debt ceiling because we don't need to or it's not a good idea or that we -- we should not be compromise, he thinks that that group is probably not in the majority is how he put it today, so we'll interest to see the conversations that he's having with his members of his party. >> kate balduan on capitol hill for us, stand by. we appreciate it. let's talk about the other big story happening right now. sure, it is july, but the sweltering heat that's gripping much of the country right now is really nothing to brush off. i know you heard the word dangerous a lot, but know this. this heat wave has already killed as many as 22 people, 13 of them in kansas city, missouri alone, and as of today excessive heat warnings stretch from nebraska all the way to maine. in boston people are changing their routines. >> always running in the morning, but this week particularly because it's so hot i'm here at 4:30. >> reporter: >> all right.
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to sioux falls, south dakota, the heat isn't causing streets just to buckle. they are bursting. listen. >> we're seeing several areas across town where this concrete is blowing up. >> this is how hot it is in new haven, connecticut. a bridge is swollen shot. crews are out there trying to shave about an inch off the bridge to get it to open up before the weekend. the heat is putting pressure on the power grid, too. chicago's heat index has been well above 100 for days now. thousands are without air conditioning. imagine that. i want you to take a look at these pictures from the chicago zoological society. when the brookfield zoo responded to the heat wave by giving animals giant ice blocks, the animals' reaction, they prompted plenty of giggles. >> oh, here we go. all right. look at this now. columbus, ohio, where the city opened fourify hydrants in what they are calling operation cooldown. even parts of canada are
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sinfully hot. >> it's a little, little warmer up here than where i'm used to, but hell. >> chad myers, nothing to joke about this, it is dangerous anded a i said nothing to joke and records, we're breaking records here. >> a few. >> okay. >> we're not seeing 104-degree high temperatures breaking old you know 150-year-old records. the records we're breaking are humidity records. >> wow. >> humidity never been this high in places like minneapolis, since they have been recording for hundreds of year or at least 100 years and then hurricanes kill 117 people a year on average. look at the heat. heat will kill on average 170 people per year. that's more than flooding, lightning and tornadoes all added up. so should we take this carefully? should we really be concerned? yes, because what it's like is like literally walking in a sauna, but not a sauna, more like a steam room.
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a sauna that you go into. they have them at the gym and spas, about 170 degrees, but the relative humidity is 5%, so when you sweat, the sweat evaporates and you cool down. a steam room only goes to 105, but it feels like 200 because the relative humidity is 100%. it's steam. so your body can't evaporate. when it evaporates, it doesn't cool down, so this is the thing we're talking about. the haze, the humidity, temperatures are in the 90s, although i just checks ypsilanti, michigan outside of detroit is 102 and it feels like 114, so that is brutal here, and that brutal heat is now affecting millions more people than we talked about. you know, for a while last week it was nebraska and south dakota and minnesota and even though i grew up in omaha, we're not talking about the millions or tens of millions of people now that it's affecting, from new york to d.c. to raleigh and down in charleston where the big i-95 corridor is just dreadfully hot,
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and it will stay hot for the next three to four days, and it doesn't cool down at night, don, and so the house doesn't cool down, and in fact tomorrow it will even feel hotter, and on friday into saturday it will feel hotter because the houses and all the concrete and all the ground, not cooling down at night. it's just so hot, even at night, that things get hotter during the day. >> traveling this week and talking to a couple of the flight crews, they say usually we go to places, right, and it's usually cooler in the north in the summer, but it's hot up there and we come down south, it's cooler down south. some said it's not even hot here. go to new york. hot there. >> there yesterday and the day before. thank you, sir. appreciate, it chad myers. coming up, a dire situation unfolding in africa. millions in danger of starving to death. children are dying. parents are grieving and many are asking where's the help? that's ahead. plus this. >> one thing is indisputable.
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now, that's progressive. unlike fish oil, megared softgels are small and easy to swallow with no fishy smell or aftertaste. try megared today. stories of human crisis are flooding out of horn of africa. right now 11 million people there are in desperate need of food, water and a safe place to sleep. this woman is up of them. she's a herder, but lost all of her life stock months ago to the drought. now she is barely surviving. she feeds her infant son wild berries and dirty water that makes him sick. his twin sister died of hunger
12:15 pm
in may. >> translator: i'm doubly cursed, says alice, because i gave birth to twins during a drought and miriam died because of it. she died of hunger. >> well, this week the united nations declared hunger in the horn of africa has grown so severe it constitutes a famine right now. that means food and water are in such short supply. people can no longer take care of themselves. cnn's david mckenzie reports on this humanitarian criesies from a refugee camp in kenya. >> reporter: this is the edge of the camp where somalia refugees are streaming into, in the thousands every week. it's the children really who are the worst off. many of them are malnourished. most of them seem to have some kind of respiratory problem because of the wind and dust blasting through here. living in terrible conditions like this, the huts which are
12:16 pm
basically+++%! space with no shelter. and when they come here, they come expecting help. they come expecting food, water. the basic dignity that refugees should get when they move to another country, but here they even have to go out into the outer areas to defecate because there's no latrines for them, and they say they are worried there could even be a disease outbreak in these areas. while people talk politics and al shabab getting aid into somalia it's here in the camp where people are the worst off. dave mckenzie, cnn. >> want to find out how to help the victims of the famine in africa visit our cnn world page at up next, shuttle "atlantis" is back from space after its final mission, but it's still got one more very special stop. we'll tell you where next. plus this.
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>> remember this, the cute little mini darth vader kid in the super bowl ad? well, he's taking on another big role now. this one in washington. dr. sanjay gupta has his insp e inspiring story coming up. you don't want to miss it.
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one thing is indispoutable. america is not going to stop exploring. thank you "columbia," "challenger," "discovery" and "endeavour" and our ship "atlantis." thank you for protecting us and bringing this program to such a fitting end.
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god bless all of you. god bless the united states of america. >> well put. "atlantis" is back from the final space mission ever, ever for that type of spacecraft. it landed at kennedy space center just before 6:00 a.m., and thousands came to say good-bye but captain chris ferguson says it's not the end of america's mission. >> given everything that i know today, i think that we'll be traversing back and forth to lower earth orbit with one of the four or five vehicles that are being considered right now. i think that that's going to be a well-travel the path. i think that we're going to have people spending either short or perhaps long periods of time in orbit who have, you know, paid for a trip there. >> we're joined by nasa administrator charlie boldin from cape canaveral, florida, very warm cape canaveral. it's a very emotional day for everyone involved with the space program and for americans as well.
12:21 pm
what are your thoughts now, sir? >> well, i think the mood down here is incredible. we just came from a celebration with all the workers here, with "atlantis" in the background and we've brought it off the runway, and it's an emotional high right now. i think everybody is still riding on probably one of the best flights we ever had. >> we had beyonce wake up the astronauts one day. we had cool and the gang with "celebrate" and i thought it was fitting, the last wake-up call was "god bless america." >> it is a very fitting wake-up call because as i tell everybody all the time this was america's program. that was not -- not a nasa program or anything. the space shuttle belongs to the taxpayers of america, you know. it was an investment that they made and while people can debate about whether it was worth it, you can't put a dollar value on the discoveries that came from the shuttle program, the hubble space telescope, the international space station. when the space shuttle program
12:22 pm
started, there was no such thing as dark energy and dark matter. 98% of the universe we now know a little bit more about because of hubble and that came from the shuttle. >> well, mr. bolden, we're turning it over to business -- the business and commercial partners. my question is why not wait until that's at least ready to happen before we end america's access to space? >> well, you know, commercial entities, and we probably chose the wrong word. industry has been dominantly in charge of the space program for many, many years. if you go into the mission control center in houston or the launch control center here down at the kennedy space center and go on console, you wouldn't find many nasa engineers. in fact, you probably wouldn't find any nasa engineers. the programs are run right now by a company called united space alliances. they have been doing it for a number of years, so they do operate the shuttle. they just don't own it. what we want to do differently because it's incredibly expensive to own and operate, we
12:23 pm
want to let the commercial providers, we want to let american industry now own the vehicles, and we will -- we will pay them for the service, so -- so that's really the only difference in where we are today and where we're going. when you look at science missions today, we buy the -- we release the vehicles from commercial entities, from commercial companies. one of them being orbital sciences corporation that launches satellites for us. we don't build a rocket. we don't build anything. we go to orbital sciences that say we've got a satellite we want to get to orbit and how much are you going to charge me in that's been happening for many, many years. not anything new that we'll be doing. just a concept. it's difficult for people to understand. >> museum time for "atlantis"? >> you know, "atlantis" is going to be on display here forever at the kennedy space center. i think it's a fitting place for it to be. it was the first vehicle that i commanded, you know, when i moved into the left seat, and so i think this is an appropriate
12:24 pm
place for it to be. the people in florida really fought for it. they have millions of people who come through here each year from around the world, and it will be a very fitting place for "atlantis" to be displayed and shared with people not just from america but around the world. >> well, we're going to miss it but we're excited to see what's on the horizon. major general charles bolden, thank you so much. >> thank you very much, and it's a great day for america. i hope everybody is as euphoric as we are down here at the kennedy space center right now. >> thanks again, sir. up next here on cnn, he is already in big legal trouble. now former presidential candidate john edwards is set to take a big financial hit. that's next. plus, will there be an nfl season this year? the fate of america's most popular sport, well, it depends on a deal that could happen today. maybe. back in a moment.
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get you caught up on stories unfolding right now starting with the latest setback for former presidential candidate john edwards. the federal election commission ruled today that he must pay back to the government nearly
12:28 pm
$2.3 million given to his presidential campaign in 2008. that's because an s.e.c. audit shows edwards campaigned received more matching funds than it was entitled to get. the decision is not final, and edwards has the right to appeal. this comes on the heels of a criminal conspiracy case against edwards he pled not guilty to back in june. the nfl lockout may be on the verge of ending, as early as today. the league's 32 owners are expected to vote on a new collective bargaining deal that could save the 2011 season. fingers crossed. big dispute that is keeping the league liquidity out is how to divide billions of dollars in revenue. the players association director demaurice smith spoke saying there's still outstanding issues to be resolved. any agreement would put the nfl players back on the field.
12:29 pm
the overwhelming majority of americans are saying this. >> fix it. >> we're against tax increases. we know that's going to hurt the economy and job creation. we know it's bad for small business. we're against tax increases. we're not going for this type of plan. >> a whole lot of talking in washington, but there's not much teamwork there. with time running out can democrats and republicans strike a deal? my next guest says it is their duty to do it. plus, the california mansion of mystery. two sudden deaths in just a matter of days. what happened inside? we're getting new information for you. [ engine idling ] [ male announcer ] talking a big game about your engine is one thing. having the proven history that can back it up is a whole nother story. unsurpassed torque... best in class towing... legendary cummins engines. which engine do you want powering your truck? guts. glory. ram. [ doug ] i got to figure this out.
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all right. here's where we are on the debt reduction standoff that has brought the government to the brink of default. can you believe it? 12 days before the deadline the white house is denying reports that came via the neems and the "wall street journal" that president obama is close to some sort of agreement with house speaker john boehner. listen again. >> the breaking news report that you all have probably received
12:33 pm
is incorrect. there is no deal. we are not close to a deal. the fact is that there is no progress to report, but we continue to work on getting the most significant deficit reduction package possible. >> joining us now from washington, a.b.s stoddard from the hill. what the heck is going on? >> well, there were reports in my paper included, that last night democrats on capitol hill learned that the president was ready to cut a deal that would include spending cuts and entitlement reforms but not definitely new revenues, just a promise of tax reform later in the year or next year, and that caused some reaction by democrats who said revenues, new taxes, some new money would have to be included in any deal. they want a balanced deal which is what the president has been talking about all along. republicans today say no, there
12:34 pm
is no deal. there's still a problem, so we really don't know where it is at this hour. what we do mow is the democratic leadership, the president and the republican leadership say we can't default. that is clear, that they are unified in agreeing that we cannot default. that's the rank and file of the republican party where you find default denial and getting them to vote for something that is called compromise that could include tax increases or new revenues is not possible today. >> you bring up a good point. a lot of the people, freshmen sent there to vote and to bring down spending, so for them, i don't know, do they understand what's at stake here because there's some different elements and different layers on top of this. number one the economy is in bad shape, jobs are in terrible shape and you have no people who are coming to washington just to fight spending? >> well, and that's what i think the leadership is trying to argue. that you could get $4 trillion in cuts, could you get this grand bargain and reform social security or medicare and
12:35 pm
medicaid, the big drivers of debt in a big compromise, but to do that the president so far has been -- has been insistent that there has to be some kind of new revenue, some kind of new taxes, sort of a 75/25 percentage, and those freshmen that you mentioned who won in 2010 and have a mandate to cut spending only don't want any kind of raising taxes, even if it involves closing corporate loopholes for companies that are fat and happy and get good giveaways from the federal government so that's very, very tough standoff. that's where we've been for weeks and unless the president really agrees to -- to go for a package without new revenues, it's hard to see the republicans budging in the next 24 hours or four days. >> hold on to that thought because i want to talk to you about compromise and what the american people are considering and what's on their minds. listen, can you talk to me because there's also talk of, you know, the bush tax cuts, about getting rid of them and saying, okay, well, maybe we'll let that go. what are you hearing on that?
12:36 pm
is that true? >> right, there is some talk -- the democrats would like to make permanent the lower brackets while allowing the upper bracket tax cut to expire at the end of 2012. republicans say no. they are not going to give on that and not agree to that. there's no amount of tax reform. to do that they would want something major. i mean, the tax reform would have to be so deep that they would agree to something like that. they would have to repeal obama care and get something huge in return and they are not going to give on that. those are set to expire in 2012. they say that they are going to battle that battle again when they do, but they know it's likely they will expire but they want to give on decoupling the bush tax cuts, making them permanent for the middle class and letting the top brackets expire. they do not want to do that, and they still insist at this hour that that's not on the table. >> the polls are showing the american people really want a compromise but the folks there in washington aren't seeing that apparently. >> well, you know, in fairness
12:37 pm
to republicans all year long, you've seen large majorities in the polling saying that they oppose an increase in the debt ceiling. americans tuned in late to this argument decided now they are getting very frightened about what default can mean and new polls are out this week, nbc and "wall street journal" polling that shows americans are concerned and looking for a compromise, very afraid of default and they want some kind of balanced package, and they think republicans are not working hard enough. they give obama more credit for compromising than the republicans, and they want something done by august 2. >> real talk. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> really appreciate it. a brand new development in a bizarre mystery. a woman and a little boy dead within days of each other at a california millionaire's mansion. she was found hanging naked and bound from a balcony. now her family is speaking out. here's cnn's sandra endo. >> reporter: it started last monday when police say 6-year-old max shacknai fell down the stairs of this 27-room mansion near san diego and was
12:38 pm
rushed to the hospital. two days later 32-year-old rebecca rebecca zahou was found hanging naked with her hands bound. what strikes you about this case? >> it's suspicious and any time a female is found in a backyard unclothed and her feet and hands are bound, that becomes concerning. >> reporter: john ii iia shackn the boy's father and zahou owes boyfriend. >> suicide and homicide at times can look very similar. time your time and process that evidence a usually the evidence will solve the mystery. >> reporter: but her sister is saying she doesn't believe rebecca would take her own life. she said my sister did not
12:39 pm
commit a suicide. my sister was not depressed. my sister was not frantic. my sister was planning to call my parents the next day and was planning to keep me posted about max the next day. it's a sentiment other people who knew the victim also tells cnn. more than 15 detectives are working on the case, and officials say they are taking the accounts of people who knew her very seriously. as for max's death, police are preliminarily calling it an accident, but they say it's definitely part of the equation when considering zahou's. >> any time there's a death such as in rebecca's case, look at victimology, what happened days and weeks before and max's case would be of interest to us. >> reporter: arizona police records show a rocky relationship between jonah shacknai and max's mother deana with both filing domestic disturbance reports in 2008 and 2009 and a statement was issued monday downplaying the records saying while our marriage did
12:40 pm
not work out as either of us had hoped, it did produce a wonderful son, max, who both of us loved very much. his loss is unimaginable. local law enforcement officials say they are waiting for what could be the missing pieces to this puzzle, the forensic reports, and that could take a matter of weeks. sandra endo, cnn, coronado, california. >> thank you, sandra. coming up, remember that cute little kid who played the mini darth saidner this super bowl ad? his name is max. isn't he adorable? well, he is headed to capitol hill, and we will tell you why coming up next. tion first. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control.
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cuts to medicaid and health care programs are some of the hottest issues in washington debt talks right now, but behind the numbers are real people suffering real consequences. remember this little fella? he's from that super bowl commercial. >> he is a little guy with a big mission, and max is heading to d.c. next week lobbying for children's access to quality care, quality health care. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta met up with max and let's just say capitol hill is going to feel the force. sanjay? >> reporter: next week washington is going to feel the
12:44 pm
force, so to speak. he's a little guy with a big mission. take a look at who i met when i was out in l.a. >> dr. gupta. >> yes, sir. >> you're it. >> i'm it. >> yeah. >> reporter: max page only knows one speed, full speed ahead. >> i don't know if i can keep up with this kid. >> reporter: you've probably seen max before even though you might not know it. remember this volkswagen ad from super bowl xlv? darth vader, no, just max. >> yeah, we have access. >> reporter: within mere seconds of meeting him max was asking about my daughters. >> three girls. >> let me guess. >> 4-year-old, 2-year-old, 6-year-old. >> you gout, it how did you know. >> reporter: we're at the children's hospital of los angeles with max and his brother els to see dr. michael silka. >> you're going to get a pacemaker check. >> reporter: that's right. max has a pacemaker. actually it's his third, and
12:45 pm
he's only 6 years old. for patients jennifer and buck, the first sign of trouble came before max was even born. >> my 38-week appointment we found out that max had structural damage to his heart. they couldn't get a good heartbeat. took an emergency c-section, born in a whirlwind. >> the last feeling i remember is it's almost hopelessness because it's out of my hands as a dad, and as a dad that's not something you're used to. >> i just said, please, just save my son. that's all we're here for. i don't even know what you just said. i don't understand anything you're going to do. i just need you to save my son. i need to have a chance to know this kid. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine, but for mom and dad it was all a blur. max was born with a heart condition that's rare that includes four separate problems in the heart which leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood. without a pacemaker and eight major operations so far max probably wouldn't be here.
12:46 pm
can you feel it, max, can you feel the pacemaker? >> if you like touch it or like something hits, it it's kind of when i feel it. >> like the movie "cars," they show the pistons and engines going around. want them working together. don't want one going like this and others at a different rate. need them working together. >> reporter: something like this for max or any child like max should be cared for in a children's hospital? could any hospital. >> this is a fairly sophisticated, fairly subspecialized area of medicine. i'm with -- i'm a pediatric electrophysiologist. there's probably slightly over 100 of us in the country, so there aren't that many people who really do what we do. >> reporter: and it's that kind of skill that max needs. don, there are only 56 of these specialized children's hospitals in the whole country, and as washington talks about budget cuts, the programs that train these types of doctors are on the chopping block, so little max is headed to capitol hill next week to lobby for that program and also to argue
12:47 pm
against cuts to medicaid which helps tens of millions of other kids. we'll see how it goes. don? >> thanks, sanjay, we will, definitely a little cutie and see the rest of his report on mini darth vader, max page, this week on "sanjay gupta md." coming up next. have you heard? kim kardashian doesn't like it when you steal her look and, in fact, she'll sue your butt. that's next. can i have some ice cream, please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ?
12:48 pm
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12:49 pm and ryan make, thanks for being here guys. >> good to be here. >> the first question from mountainview, california. they write i have a couple of 401(k) accounts from previous employers i haven't paid attention to over the last few years. would consolidating these into a rollover i.r.a. make sense? where can i find the best rollover i.r.a.? >> this is great news because people who did pay attention to their 401(k)s the last few years freaked out and made bad decisions and he might be pleasantly surprised when he opens these statements finally. yeah. generally i recommend rolling over into an i.r.a. the one downside is with a 401(k) you have a little more protection from creditors so if there's something dangerous on the horizon, leave it in the 401(k). otherwise roll it over. big advocate of index funds, as ryan was saying diversify so depending on the age, 60% in foreign and domestic stocks and 40% in stocks and bonds.
12:50 pm
leave it alone. great shape for retirement. >> let the market work itself out. a question from rich in california who writes my mother is in an assisted living facility, and i want her money to be protected and generate income. my financial advisor preferred stock. are these right for us? >> the ideal saying in this is some. at the end of the day, the stocks are over about 10%, preferred stock about 7.4% and bonds maybe about 6%, with more run you'll have additional risk, but it does have additional advantages over common stock in liquidation benefits, but bonds have the advantages over preferred stock in that as well. >> safety exactly. get a good quality financial adviser who can navigate the market.
12:51 pm
with more defaults han normal, but not as much that would cause me a lot of concern. you can get some revenue generated with good conservation of capital. >> you don't just have to look at stocks to make some decent money. thank you, guys, so much. appreciate it. if you have a question send us an e-mail at any time. thanks, poppy. coming up in 70 seconds, kim kardashian is headed to court over the woman who stole her look. wait until you hear this.
12:52 pm
kim kardashian is suing old navy for, well, take a look at this. ♪ this is real life
12:53 pm
♪ i'm not pose fog a magazine ♪ don't ask me any questions >> you see the resemblance with the woman in the ad? her name is melissa molinaro. kim kardashian wants $20 million. alison kosik, angelina jolie's look alike, joining me with more [ laughter ] . i saw that commercial on a saturday morning, and i went, oh, somebody's going to sue. and look what happened? >> she's saying this girl looks too much like her, suing for unspecified damages, also known as a lot of money. she wants the company to stop using the ad with this look alike model. think about it, kardashian already endorses several companies. she has a skin care line, and her claim is that she thinks consumers will be confused by this old navy ad that has this
12:54 pm
look alike and what she actually endorses, because this woman as a striking resemblance to her, she does. if you ask me, you know, so what? i don't see any confusion, do you, don? >> at first i thought -- then you go, it's not her. she doesn't seen sound like her. they do look alike. >> she may even be mocking her in that. >> i don't know. i mean, what are her chances of wanting -- she just looks like her. does she have a chance here? >> you know what? kardashian does have a good shot at winning this, or at least getting a settlement from old navy. what's at issue is a violation of what's known as a right of publicity. the translation is kim kardashian, she's got a right to make money off her own name and identity. there's a precedent to this. we looked this up. tv host vana white, she brought a case against samsung. this happened in 1992. they had a robot turning letters
12:55 pm
on a game show, dressed in a gown with a big, and vana won, because it rited her right of publicity. she's got a few legs to stand on. >> if courteney cox isn't suing you, i think she doesn't have a chance. alison kosik, we appreciate it. >> thanks. wolf blitzer is standing by, including a major staff shake up for one of the gop contenders. of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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time now for a politics update. wolf blitzer joins us with the latest. it's hot in washington in more ways than one. >> always hot in washington, especially hot right now. wee getting ready and you've been reporting extensively on this debt ceiling showdown. only a few days left. let's hope they get a deal so all of us can continue on. on our political ticker, one item, i'm blocking about it. i haven't posted it yet, but i'll tell you about it. i just taped an interview with the former pakistani is that pervez musharraf. we spoke about the texas governor rick perry, who may be running for president of the united states. you won't be surprised to hear -- maybe you will be surprised to hear, they met in austin last month. pervez musharraf and rick perry,
12:59 pm
and per -- pervez musharraf tells me that he's convinced rick perry will run for president. we talked a bit about rick perry, and i think he's going to run for president, too. i haven't met with rick perry. pervez musharraf has, and he thinks he'll run. i've also just taped an interview with janet napolitano. we go in depth on the whole issue of getting ready for the tenth anniversary of 9/11. i'm pretty woifrd about what al qaeda might want to do as far as retaliation, but i press her on what kind of capabilities the al qaeda network, some of the splitter groups might have, home-grown terrorism. i think our viewers will want to see it as well.
1:00 pm
jon huntsman, the former utah governor, now running for president. there's been a make shake-up in his campaign. his campaign manager is no longer his campaign manager. someone else has come in. susy wiles is gone, matt david is in. susie has served well and was vital in getting it off the ground in such a short time frame now the campaign is moving into phase 2, more aggressive from a tactical standpoint, and matt is prepared to take that on. another little reshuffle there in that campaign. it comes with the territory. we're watching all of this obviously very closely. don, back to you. >> wolf, thank you very much. the next update in about 30 minutes. now i want you to watch this. the race to reach a debt deal. if it doesn't happen in 12 days, many say it could have
1:01 pm
catastrophic economic consequences. but try this one. is the deadline actually sooner? how much longer will wall street wait? brooke's off, i'm don lemon, the news starts right now. children are dying. they're being left on the side of the road, because millions are hungry and can't find food. >> this is the most fragile situation i've seen anyway. it's a damned shame. >> it's a crisis unfolding before our eyes. we'll take you there. cnn investigates, how tabloid reporters get their scoops. the secrets, the dirty tricks. you'll see how journalism becoming a bloodsport. plus two mistier yaw deaths at a ceo as mansion, a woman found hanging, bound and naked. a little boy die from a fall. >> we think of ourselves as a sleepy little town. >> now investigators are expanding their army to figure out what what happened. and find out why a massive
1:02 pm
iceberg the size of manhattan is baffling scientists. hello, everyone. 127 days now until the potential default of the government. cnn is now reporting that president obama and speaker boehner are zeroing in on a numb berm, but there's a dispute over extending the bush tax cuts. i can also report that we have a poll out today showing 62% of americans now favor raising the debt ceiling one way or another, either with our without debt reduction. the effects of not raising the debt ceiling have been called cat trophic by some, but this is unexplored territory for us. rick newman, for "u.s. news & world report," thanks so much. where do you come down on this
1:03 pm
catastrophic, as some have called it, no real effect or somewhere in between? what's going on here? >> i think you could argue this is already having an effect. on weight they have long assumed this is all posturing. but i think we're already seeing signs that markets are unnerved, and certainly the people who run companies are sitting on the sidelines not doing much until they figure out what's going to happen. the stock market has been going sidelines for most of this month. we are seeing some turbulence in the bond markets. we've got a terrible employment report that came out early this month. when you talk to ceos and people who make decisions about whether to hire or not, one of the big things that affects that are decision is uncertainly in washington and their concerns of a policy mistakes, that they might even caught another
1:04 pm
recession. if the odds of recession seem to be getting higher and you run a company, you're not going to high anybody. that's exactly what companies are doing. >> you've got to asking this, you talked about the markets. there's been volatility on wall street, but no real panic, even though the deadline draws near. why not a panic? >> because the markets are continuing to believe that there will be some kind of favorable outcome here. we do keep hearing that they might be close to a deal. just yesterday we heard about the gang of six plan that was rhesesuscitat resuscitated, and i think one of the things that investors are thinking about, if you still assume a 90% likelihood this is going to get worked out, there will be a lot of relief in the economy, and there could actually be -- i'm pretty skeptical, but there's a chance there could be serious effort toward fixing it the debt.
1:05 pm
if that were to happen, i think that would be a big boost of confidence for the economy, and no one wants to get sort of caught out of the market, if you will, and miss out on any gains that might come very quickly. i think that's how investors are trying to play this, but the closer we get to this deadline, the more jittery everyone gets. i just -- something that you said, you said unless washington, the people in washington, unless they do something stupid -- explain more about what you meant by that comment. >> again, there's some assumption that politicians -- this is all posturing and they would not do something that's self-destructive. i think there's less certainty about that these days, because this is already starting to impact decision-making. we do not have a strong economy right now. this is the wrong time to basically hold the economy hostage to, either, one
1:06 pm
ideological position or another, yet that is exactly what they're doing. we've heard comments to the effect of it wouldn't be a big deal if the united states defaulted, it might actually be good in the long run. anybody who has sort of analyzed the daisy chain of events that would be likely to happen, does not think that would be good at all. it almost would certainly lead to more job losses. when you hear this out of washington, it's almost a sense of disbelief. >> that brings me something, a quote that i saw from mark zandy, here's what he said, you keep putting with you grain of sand, and nothing happens, then all of a sudden, something caves. could you see something like that occurring? >> absolutely. on wall street they're calling
1:07 pm
that a t.a.r.p. moment, many people don't remember this, but before the big bank bailout bill got passed, it got voted down by the house of representatives. that day the stock markets had their second biggest one-day loss ever. that loss in the stock markets was actually the thing that basically pointed out to lawmakers who were saying no to that, look, this is really important. this is the kind of thing that's going to happen if you don't approve this big. so that's one of the things that people think might happen this time. it may take a major plunge in the stock markets or some other awful event. >> hey, rick, i do have to go, so if you can give me a yes or no, will we hear from wall street soon? >> absolutely. we've already got standard & poor's, some of the house gop guys today or tomorrow. >> rick newman, always appreciate it. >> thanks, don. if it's interesting and happening right now, you're
1:08 pm
about to see it. rapid fire, let's go. the brutal murder of an 8-year-old boy from brooklyn. levi aron, the chops his body into pieces. autopsy results reveal a cocktail of prescription and over-the-counter drugs in the boy's system. if convicted aron could face a maximum of life in prison without parole. "atlantis" returns for the last time today. it's been an emotional journey for everyone. "atlantis" retires for a museum, but the commander says this is not the end of america in space. he says, quote, america is not going to stop exploring. a bombshell, after tiger woods fired longtime caddy steve williams, after years of service, williams says he's disappointed and shocked by the
1:09 pm
move. williams also says the sex scandal made him lose respect for woods. woods has not announced a replacement. a catastrophe in chile, a rare and massive snowstorm blanketed parts of the country, the nation's interior minister calls it a white earthquake. they sent in trucks and military helicopters to help more than 6500 people trapped. to make matters worse, chile is bracing for more bad weather. while much of the u.s. is suffering in a heat wave, an iceberg is floating toward canada. it began near greenland last year and has slowly been heading south. according to scientists, the iceberg's precise path is not easy to predict, and it's too soon to tell if it will pose a problem for offshore oil rigs. i want you to listen to this. there are new fears that your
1:10 pm
tax dollars could be going to insurgents, the very ones trying to kill american troops. i'll tell you how billions are parent wasted, and should syrian activists be fear? the fbi says yes. ♪
1:11 pm
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[ male announcer ] time to check your air conditioning? come to meineke now and get a free ac system check and a free cooler with paid ac service. meineke. we have the coolest customers. there are claims today that the syrian government may be watching syrians in america. the allegations come from syrian americans who have taken part in demonstrations here in the u.s. they claim they are not only being watched, they say their
1:13 pm
family members still living in syria are being harassed. now the u.s. state department is looking into it. let's bring in jill dougherty. any validity to these claims? >> i think you would have to say so far, there's no concrete evidence that this is happening, but certainly the people involved in these demonstrations who are syrians say they believe this is happening, that they've had threats, but they can't necessarily connect the dots. what they are alleging is personnel from the syrian embassy came out to their demonstrations in the united states and took photographs of them. as a result they've had have harassment and some threats themselves because of these -- what happened at these demonstrations. the state department is taking is seriously enough to say they've had reports to this effect about the surveillance
1:14 pm
video, and photographic, and they are investigating the claims of harassment, of the families, and also the fbi. we are told by one law enforcement official, his meetings with some of these people from syria, saying we are concerned enough to give you some advice on trying to protect yourself, but, don, i should say the fbi also says it doesn't have any evidence that this exactly is happening. >> again, to the fib, they don't have any evidence, but they're doing what again? >> they are meeting with some of the people who have been at these demonstrations, expressing concern, and saying, here are some suggestions on ways that you can, you know, make sure you are secure. >> interesting. let us know what happens. jill will follow that for us. thank you very much. you've heard about the billions of dollars the u.s. is spending in aid for afghanistan, but you probably didn't know
1:15 pm
this, as much as $10 million a day chris lawrence has more, coming up next. life count on yo. that's why we offer accident forgiveness, man: good job. where your price won't increase due to your first accident. we also offer a hassle-free lifetime repair guarantee, where the repairs made on your car are guaranteed for life or they're on us. these are just two of the valuable features you can expect from liberty mutual. plus, when you insure both your home and car with us, it could save you time and money. at liberty mutual, we help you move on with your life. so get the insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office,
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1:17 pm
with all corruption we hear in afghanistan, there's no big shock that some of the billions isn't going where intended, but now we're hearing that funds are being divert to do extremists trying to kill americans. our chris lawrence is at the pentagon right now. chris, what are we talking about here? >> don, we're talking about a federal audit that finds that ten years into this war in afghanistan, and the u.s. only has limited visibility over what
1:18 pm
happens to billions of dollars once we send it over to afghanistan. the inspector general says that means that money is vulnerable to fraud, but even worse, but diverted to insurgents. look, the u.s. has spent more than $70 billion in security and redevelopment projects, but this audit finds as many as $10 million may be struggled out of the afghanistan every single day. you wonder how does that happen? part is when afghan officials leave the country, no one checks how much money they're carrying with them. this audit shows that officials have no plans to scan their cash through the electronic currency counters. u.s. officials might be able to keep a better eye on it, but u.s. officials are denied access to that part of the access where vips go, and car sause has
1:19 pm
banned u.s. officials from working with the afghan central bank. >> the troops are doing everything they're being asked to do, and in return, we owe them a duty to make sure that american dollars are not in any way flowing to the enemy. if they're not willing to allow us to look over their shoulder as this money flows into the economy, we ought to say maybe it's time we don't let that money flow. >> that money continues to flow. i mean, right now the obama administration is asking congress for another $17 billion. that's billion with a "b" all for afghanistan reconstruction for the next year. >> chris lawrence, thank you very much. stories of human crisis are flooding out of the horn of afri africa. right now millions are desperate. this woman is one of them. she's a herder, but lost all of
1:20 pm
her livestock months ago for the drought. she's barely surviving. his twin sister died of hunger in may. this week the united nations declared hunger in the horn of africa has grown so severe it constitutes a famine. that means food and water are in such short supply, people can no longer take care of themselves. we have this report from kenya. >> reporter: this is the edge of the camp, where somali refugees are streaming into. there are thousands every week. it's the children who are the worst. most of them seem to have a respiratory problem because of the dust and wind that's blasting through here. they're living in terrible conditions like this, these huts which are basically constructed ourp tarpaulins, they cook in this tiny space with no shelter.
1:21 pm
they come expecting help, food, water, the basic dignity that refugees should get when they move to another country. but here they even have to go out into the outer areas to defecate, because there's no latrines for them. they say they're worried there could be a disease outbreak. while people talk politics, and al shabab getting aid into somalia, it's here in this camp where the people are the worst off. >> david, thank you. happening right now, hurricane dora is gaining strength, already a category 4 storm. plus texas governor rick perry has just released a statement, with strong words for president obama. the news is just ahead. price-li. so, you've been double crossed by other travel sites and now you want to try the real deal. yes, is it true that name your own price... even easier? affirmative.
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1:25 pm
from t"the washington post," an surprising news for those wondering whether sarah palin will get in the race. mitt romney, no surprise there. but then there's the former alaska governor right there at 18%. michele bachmann following palin, and pretty good numbers for rick perry. we've been doing some reporting about the texas governor, a lot of people think he could go in and clear out some of these other contenders that are not doing as well. he is going after president obama today, don, as you know, this morning was the final landing of a space shuttle. "atlantis" touched down this morning. rick perry is the governor of texas, houston, the space program there is a very important jobs creator for the state of texas, and he took aim at president obama over the
1:26 pm
sending of the space shuttle program, essentially saying the obama administration has no plans for space exploration, and here's what the governor has to say. he says unfortunately with the final landing of "atlantis" and no indication of plans for future missions, this administration has set a significantly different milestone by shutting down our nation's legacy. he goats on to say basically the president is leaving astronauts no alternatives but to hitchhike into space. we had a cnn/orc poll out this morning that shows americans have pretty mixed feeling. 50% say it's a bad thing for the company, but a solid majority of americans would like to see private companies really in the forefront when it comes to developing the future of space exploration. we're sorry to see it go, but we think there are a lot of americans who aren't so sure we can afford it anymore. >> you know what i'm happy for?
1:27 pm
you said cnn/orc, and we got a lot of e-mails to not call it the "ork." >> you saved me an embarrassing moment. a deal ending the nfl lockout could come at any minute. we're live outside the negotiations. plus there's apparently a fake apple store. wailant you hear how far they go to pull it off. also cnn investigates how tabloid reporters get the scoops. the dirty trick and the secrets. reporter roulette, times four, next. [ jerry ] i'm a grandfather, a retired teacher,
1:28 pm
and i count on social security. here's what i'm not... a pushover. right now, some in washington want to make a deal cutting the social security and medicare benefits we worked for. with billions in waste and loopholes, how could they look at us? maybe we seem like an easy target... until you realize... there are 50 million of us. [ female announcer ] tell the politicians: cut waste and loopholes, not our benefits.
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1:30 pm
welcome back, everyone. the nfl lockout may finally be coming to an end. david mattingly has that. alison kosik reports how concert tickets are on the rise.
1:31 pm
extreme heat and now a hurricanes. chad myers will update us. time to play reporter roulette. we begin with nfl labor talks. david mattingly is live in downtown atlanta, where owners are meeting. david, where do we stand? is the nfl ready to play some football? well, we can't hear david, so we will move on. up next on reporter roulette, concerts are making a comeback. alison kosik is in new york. are you there? we can hear you? >> i am hear. i can hear and see you. >> what's driving up thinks concert ticket sales? >> the promoters have to get creative, because the industry just had a heart time last year. yeah, they're bringing in 16% more this year, because they are getting cede th creative, you
1:32 pm
know, like j.lo and pitbull, now they're combining, so we're seeing like rod steward, new kits on the block. >> they're playing smaller plays, so they're streamlining, making it more -- giving more value outside and inside, it looks like the real deal. even the employees have these blue t-shirts and their tags, but you know what? these stores are a big rip-off. a few have opened up in different cities in china. it looks like a real apple store, doesn't it, don? >> yeah, it does. >> but they're not. this isn't like when you go walking out in new york and pick up the fake purses, and if they
1:33 pm
see cops, they put the tarp over over our throw it in the truck. they're actually ripping off the apple name. what they say is they are selling tell -- so that is really the difference here, but analysts say there's little that apple can do at this point. here's the irony in this. apple said china was key to record earnings and revenues. next, chad myers in the severe weather center, so hurricane -- are we getting closer to a 5? >> one mile from it. it's 155. 155 miles per hour. 156 is category 5, so maybe at the next update. very large storm.
1:34 pm
here's acapulco, puerto vie yarda. the forecast is for it to get into colder water. remember, hurricanes need warm water to survive. certainly warm water to get bigger. here is the high-res forecast, the image coming out. but right there should miss and stay in the ocean, eventually come out here and die a quick death out there in the colder water. still warm water here. that's why the storm developed, 155-mile-per-hour storm, very big waves out there, crashing onshore in western mexico if you want to go surf's up. >> guess what? david mattingly is telling us he wants to be seen and heard. he's back now, live in downtown atlanta, where nfl owners are meeting on labor talks. listen, you're not like kids should be seen and not heard? you're not a kid, we want to hear. where are we on the standoff? >> reporter: well, i wish i could tell you right now, don,
1:35 pm
now that you can hear me. we don't have word of that. the owners have been in meetings all days. there's been a great deal of anticipate this meeting might be over pretty soon. before this started, though, there was a great deal of optimism they might be able to have a vote. we talked to arthur blank, the high-profile owner. he said he was very optimistic and they might vote on accepting this agreement whether the players have voted on it or not. now, we don't know if that's happened. we should find out soon where the owners stand on this agreement. >> so, listen, we thought the players would get this done yesterday. that's what we thought. what is the holdup? >> reporter: apparently there are more hoops to jump through for the players than had been
1:36 pm
discussed before, but right now one of the sticking points seems to be the recertification of their union. what we've heard, we heard just a short time ago, we hear from demaurice smith in washington, d.c. saying this would be a deliberate decision on the part of many players. listen to what he had to say. >> the decision to dessert fill was important, because at the time we were a real union. the decision for our players as men to come back as a union will be an equally serious and sober one that they have to make. >> reporter: reading between the lines he was telling us that wasn't a decision that could be made quickly or easily, so we are now waiting to find out at least a clearer word from the owners here who have been meeting all day to discuss and possibly vote on this agreement. without both sides agreeing, we don't know if the lockout will
1:37 pm
end. wait and see, don. >> david, thank you very much. next on reporter roulette, deborah feyerick is in new york, watch there. >> for british tabloids like the recently deceased "news of the world" it appears that everyone everywhere was fair game. actors, business tycoons, royals, prime ministers, politicians, all potential front-page fodder, caught up in a type of scandal-driven journalism that bordered arguably on bloodsport. >> they very much crossed the line. they didn't just do it once or twice. we're not talking about a single rogue reporter. apparently it happened at least 4,000 times. >> bonnie fuller has been the driving force behind magazines like "star" "us weekly" and now
1:38 pm
"hollywood life." you have a stronger takedown culture in the british tabloids. they're nastier, and they look to tear down people. >> the journalists who were able to do that, it's just not that complicated. >> reporter: john abell walled us through the most common techniques. shockingly easy. >> most people don't change their p.i.n. or passwords. once they're able to correlate a specific phone numb with a carrier, all they had to do was dial into that voicemailbox, interthe default pin. >> another technique, something called pinging, using cell phones and cell phones like gps to track someone's movements and location. >> the carriers know pretty much where you are within a few small meters, based on the cell tower your phone is connected to. >> that information is accessed
1:39 pm
usually through bribes. it's allegedly a long-used tabloid technique, as is something the british call blaging, intern nating someone to get access to information and dada. >> people will say all kinds of things, and will give up all kinds of information. if your tone is correct, your demeanor is proper, if you sound like you deserve the information you want. >> the reality, once information exists in digital form on the internet or phones, experts say it's game over. anyone who knows what they're doing can figure out how to get it. all right. december feyerick joins us now from new york, our bureau there. deb, i'm sure a lot of people want to know, what can we do to avoid being hacked? >> the most important thing, change your password frequently, don't take it for granted. clearly if you haven't created a
1:40 pm
password, you should do so immediately. again these phones have a default mechanism. that's how some reporters, some journalists were allegedly able to get into phones, but in other cases private eyes hacked into systems. so the more you change, the safer you are. >> good advice. that is today's reporter roulette. now watch this -- >> sometimes i get fired up and need to relax. there's a name for guys like that. they call him a millennials. some employers are going all out to make them happy. i'm talking about massages, video games, why some bosses think these folks are worth the trouble. it could affect everything about your own workplace, next.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
can you imagine this? unlimited paid vacation, no dress code, massage chairs, all the video games you can dream up. some employers love millennial generation workers so much, they're going above and beyond. our poppy harlow tours the company that swears by it. >> reporter: how do you get them moving on the job? >> sometimes i get fired up and need to relax a bit. >> reporter: it takes way more than a pat on the back. try a full-body massage, throw in a gaming suite, unlimited gage either. >> within arm's reach, i've got
1:44 pm
two monitors, two phones, an ipad and laptop. >> reporter: and all the paid vacation they can handle. grand took an entire year off to live in italy. >> i love traveling. if you need to take a day off, an e-mail notification and they say have a good time. >> reporter: it may seem extreme, but gen-yers are worth it. >> we tried the tradition. the minute we embraced change and started to seeing the results. >> hot schedules, which puts restaurant worker schedules on mobile devices got hotter. users soared to 650,000. >> >> reporter: outside of their energy, are these outperformers, ambition people? frankly employees that will work for less? >> you will see that, but from
1:45 pm
our experience, i think the biggest thing is they bring a new level of dedication that we haven't seen in the past. >> reporter: jason dorsey coaching companies like hot schedules, how to maximize their millennials. >> we should be getting there early, washing your car, right? >> when millennials show up to work, you have to provide specific examples of the performance you expect. the reason is we often lack real-world experience, i have to give feedback at least once a month. once other gen wragz were taught if your box tau to you, you're doing something wrong. millennials were taught the exact opposite. if your boss isn't talking, you're doing something wrong. >> no chance at hot schedules. the boss serve it is free barbecue and a mean game of ping-pong. don, you might be in the
1:46 pm
millennial generation, i'm not going to say you're not. >> no, i could have a millennial child. come on. >> i don't think it's like that. you know what's interesting, all the bosses we talked to, the millennial, ray in that piece told you that it is true that these employees care so much less about money than they do about quality of life, having a good, fun work environment, being able to wear jeans to work and take as much time off as they want. it's truly their policy, if you get hired at that policy, you have unlimited paid vacation, as you long as you get your work done. how about that? >> maybe they don't want to get rich, but many of them, they want to become entrepreneurs, right? >> they do. that's this interesting dichotomy in the millennial generation. that is they were brought up believing that you can indeed start your own company and be successful. this is the generation of facebook, and before that the
1:47 pm
generation of google. think weren't brought up like the generation before, which thought, all right, you have to be a lawyer, a doctor one of these classic professions to be successful. they watched the dot-com boom, then the bust, and now they're watching what happens to technology. they don't necessarily want to be rich, but they believe they can start a company with a few hundred bucks and can indeed be a success, because they have seen their generation do it. >> poppy harlow, thank you very much. interesting story. here's a bizarre story to tell you about. 15 detectives are working to find answers. a millionaire's girlfriend and son dead within days of each other. max shacknai was and then rebe k
1:48 pm
rebecrebeck police are saying they are not ruling out a connection between the two deaths. rebecca zahau, her sister is saying rebecca wasn't depressed, had no reason to commit suicide. we'll bring you more as the case unfolds. now former presidential candidate john edwards is set to take a big financial hit. we'll tell you why, coming up.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
all right. teaching your pooch to sit, beg and roll over seems pretty cool. that is, until you see what this ninja dog can do. you've got to see this.
1:51 pm
[ barking ] >> let's see that again. that is one smart little pooch. i know it's news and all that, but i could watch that all day. look how cool that is. pretty smart little fella. all right. if big hollywood blockbusters aren't enough renal to hit the theaters, how about the air conditioning? that's what one theater is banks on. read their marquee. "we have ac. who cares what's playing?" that's good enough.
1:52 pm
you know, "the situation room" is coming up at the top of the hour. wolf has a preview. it's always cool in the "the situation room." that's because wolf is there. what do you have on the show? >> very cool in "the situation room," because i like it cold. it's cold in here. have you seen any good movies lately, don? >> you know, i have, but i rented lately, because of the whole things that's going on overseas with the murdochs. "citizen kane" it was amazing. >> i saw "midnight in paris" the woody allen movie starring owen wilson, have you seen it? >> i have not. >> i tweeted this. believe it or not owen wilson becomes woody allen in that movie. if you like woody allen. i like the old, the new movies, if you like that kind of film, go see it. >> i love woody allen movies. >> you like "the situation room," too, right? >> come on, do you have to ask
1:53 pm
that question? we have a very strong show. pervez musharraf, the former president of pan stack, janet napolitano, a lot of good stuff at the top of the hour. >> wolf blitzer in the cool "the situation room." of course we will be watching, less than ten minutes away. >> you know why it's cold in here? >> why? >> you never want to see the sank ore sweat. >> i like it freezing. >> i like it really cold. cool guy. coming up next, new trouble for john edwards, the man who wanted to be president. he's been ordered to pay the government more than $2 million. joe johns has the scoop, up next.
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1:56 pm
the sweltering heat that is gripping much of the country is nothing to brush off. i know you hear the world "dangerous" a lot, but this heat wave has killed as many as 20 people, 13 in kansas city, missouri, alone, excessive heat warnings stretch from nebraska to maine. in boston people are changing their routines. >> i'm always running in this morning, but this week particularly, because it's so hot, i'm here at 4:30. >> in sioux falls, south dakota, the heat seasonal just causing streets to buckle, they are bursting. so hot in new haven, connecticut, a bridge is swollen shut. crews are trying to shave about
1:57 pm
an inch off the bridge to try to get it to open before the weekend. chicago's heat index has been well above 100 for days. thousands are without air conditioning. from chicago's zoo logical society as well. when the brookville zoo responded to the heat wave by giving animals giant ice blocks, it promptedment of giggles. >> whoa! here we go. >> this is columbus, ohio, where the city opened four fire hydrants in what they are calling "operation cooldown." things are always hot in politics, so this is no different. there's another setback for former presidential candidate john edwards. joe johns is here. joe, john edwards is in trouble again. what is it this time? >> don, every few weeks it seeks like it's something else.
1:58 pm
now it's just one bad headline after the next. he's under indictment for allegedly accepting $900,000 in campaign money to cover up his affair. but now today the federal election commission just did an audit on edwards' 2008 campaign for president and decided he owed the government something like $2.3 million, talking about federal matching funds. they're basically saying they got a couple million and 134 change more than he should have. "wall street journal" is reportic that as of june 30th, the edwards campaign committee had something like $2.6 million in the bank. so they got a lot that they've got to pay, and a little bit will be left over, apparently. >> that seems like a lot of money, 'em for a top-shelf former trial lawyer. we know personal le he's a wealthy man. is he going to fight it or what here?
1:59 pm
>> the important thing to say, really, is that the federal election commission is actuallysh is pretty typically for them to go back and review bookkeeping. they say this is important to say, it doesn't have anything at all to do with the criminal case against john edwards. we reached out to the edwards legal team, haven't heard back from them, but "wall street journal" reported an attorney for edwards as saying he doesn't owe the government anything. so this is not the last we might hearty of it. he has the right to appeal, not sure if he will. edwards does have a trial date on the criminal charges, completely separate. >> just a short time left here. we're hearing from his attorney, not him personally. remember he was on the interview tour a while bag back, but he's silent? >> he talked a lot for a while, then got really quiet when it became


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